Finally, I can feel the sap rising again. The waning winter moon time is so tough on my spirit. I know it’s just lack of sunlight and fresh veggies, but damn it’s rough and It’s been almost impossible to keep my mojo up.

Now it’s time to prepare the beds in preparation for the sewing.

And I mean, the literal SEWING 🧵 for actual beds 🛏 as well as 👚👖👗👙🧥🧦🧣

I’m off to make new things out of old and see if my resolution to stop buying mass produced; clothing sourced from nefarious origins; constructed with the blood sweat and tears of women and children; out of ecologically destructive materials; all in the name of the greed of mega corporations; irregardless of the human and planetary cost can begin.

I know. A radical platform. One of many I rally from.

Wishing us ALL peace and freedom from tyranny.

I don’t need to name names, we all know who they are.