ᛗᚤ ᛋᚨᚲᚱᛖᛞ ᛋᛈᚨᚲᛖ
Wanted to share my visit to this sacred place.
There was no beach, the tide was so high and the wind so strong that the harbor looked like the open ocean. It was exhilarating. I found my old spruce tree friend and had a good long hug. The witches hair was so magical, blowing in the wind in all its florescent green glory. I harvested a bag full for dying wool and a few barnacle covered shells left by the eagles on the trail. I never take anything that isn’t offered, it’s my way of being respectful.
It was cold, really cold, but after I walked for a while I was able to remove my hood and gloves, and the rain held off for the entire time I was there. I arrived just as someone was leaving, and didn’t see another human until I got back to my car. I just knew in my gut this morning that I needed to go here, and I just threw some clothes on and left straight away. If I had waited 10 more minutes, I would not have had the healing, solitary experience I was blessed with. It was my time, and I’m saying thank you to the spirits by sharing it with you. Just maybe it will help someone else feel what I did, if only just a little bit.
Peace dear ones … and if you can, get outside today, this time of year it’s so hard to make ourselves do it, but it’s so, so necessary