Hello, my name is Susan, welcome to my creative space.

I live in a small community on the Olympic Peninsula in the farthest most NW corner of the United States. A place of fog, gray skies, salt water bogs and alluvial flood plains that teem with native plants, ancient trees and wild beings.

It is a magical, beautiful place, but also a place of struggle and despair. It is the living, breathing muse that inspires my hands to write and my eyes to see the powerful beauty all around me.

I do not exhibit in galleries, am not published in print and don’t aspire to achieve either. I am a grandmother, a tree hugger, a lover of adventure.

I am all of these things and more.

I believe in the power of goodness and light, but also the mysteries and lessons only to be found in darkness.

I believe in faeries, animal spirits, tree souls and the power of prayer.